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This site offers boat plans for rugged, offshore displacement motor boats that you can build yourself. Boats such as this one…

boat plans for this boat

The boat plans are based on traditional, proven, seagoing fishing boat types, well suited to individual or amateur construction by those with some knowledge of steel boatbuilding.

The steel boat plans are designed for cost-effective, home construction and utilise stock steel plates and sections, available from outlets worldwide. The boat plans do not assume that you have access to, or the money for, a CNC plasma cutting company to produce a boat kit for you. Instead, the boats are built the old fashioned way, from the keel up, and as this is the most economic way of constructing a boat it is well suited to tight budgets and simple building facilities.

Although all boat building projects represent hard work and cash investment, many modern boat plans show expensive, complex and difficult-to-construct features. Often problems arise from trying to achieve a car-showroom style yacht finish or a high tech solution to a more simply solved problem. It seems to be forgotten by some yacht designers that simplicity and reliability at sea are positive virtues and that a handsome boat can be built without recourse to the facilities of a high tech boatyard.

My designs and boat plans are the result of twenty years of designing, building, repairing, sailing and living on boats. They are practical, seaworthy, handsome and economic, not only to build but also to operate.

boat plans for this boat wooden_boat_in_build Wooden_boat_underway

If you need a fuel efficient steel boat with traditional, MFV style looks and virtues, to use as a trawler yacht, distance voyager, liveaboard, workboat or commercial vessel, check out my boat plans, one of them might be your ideal boat.

steel boat_Independence_at_Kastos

What it's all about: the Independence 48 moored alongside on the Greek island of Kastos

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