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Technical marine consultation

The problem

One of the most difficult aspects of building, repairing or converting a steel or wooden boat is getting reliable, practical information at a ‘nuts and bolts’ level. 

Everyone seems to have an opinion on how to build or repair boats. Unless these opinions are backed up by real knowledge and then hands-on practical experience, both of physically  doing the job itself and observing the result in operation over time and at sea, their opinions are not worth much. 

Sadly, many boatyard employees have no experience of the structural requirements of wood or steel boats. Although they may display fine craftsmanship on the glassfibre hulls and interior joinery they normally work with, they are unreliable as a source of information on traditional type vessels.

Many surveyors know what constitutes sound practice and recognise it when they see it, yet  do not have the skills or experience to build it. 

I do. 

I have spent the last twenty something years as a shipwtright, sailor and boat designer. I have built boats from scratch in steel and wood, repaired hulls, carried out all manner of marine engineering operations. I have often worked with minimal tooling in very difficult situations. I have made a long-term study of boat building techniques, materials, corrosion etc., and have seen what works in practice. And what doesn't.

The solution

Consultation on boat building, repairing, converting, marine engineering

If you are building, repairing  or converting a wooden or steel hull and have got stuck, or simply need to run your ideas by someone, here's how I can provide help or advice:

  • Telephone consultation. You simply phone me up and we talk about the problem. This works well for relatively simple problems or for hard, technical information. I charge £50 per hour – minimum one hour. Naturally you don't have to use up your hour all at once. Remember, I charge you for the time I'm working on your problem, not just for the length of the phone call. To arrange telephone consultation, contact me first by email.
  • Email consultation. This works well for detailed or technical enquiries. If your photos will help diagnose the problem this is the way to go. Charges are the same as for telephone consultation, but remember I'm charging you for the length of time I'm working on your problem, not the length of the email.
  • Site consultation. Sometimes only seeing the problem will do. Charges are £50 per hour plus reasonable travelling expenses. Email me to discuss your needs or arrange a preliminary telephone conversation.

My email address is: